Mini Bubble Bombs Box | Lavender


Smells like: fields of lavender

Dive into a world of bath-time fun with our collection of Mini Bath Bomb beauties, each packed full of bathtime bliss! Whether you're in the mood for a hint of color or a full-on explosion, these mini wonders have got your bath-time whims covered.

Drop these Mini Bath Bombs into your tub and watch the water come alive with a kaleidoscope of hues, all while they work their bubbly magic. As they fizz and pop, you'll be treated to a skin-softening spa experience, and your senses will be tickled by a soothing scent.

Feeling adventurous? Mix and match these bombshells to create your very own bath-time masterpiece! Go ahead, let your inner artist shine as you paint your bath canvas with swirls of colorful bliss!

Perfect for sensitive skin.

BRAND: Happy Hippo Bath Co.

SIZE: 595g

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Only 6 pieces in stock!

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