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Baby Alpaca Twisted Headband | Petina
Baby Alpaca Twisted Headband | Petina

Baby Alpaca Twisted Headband | Petina

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BRAND: Pokoloko

FABRIC: 93% Baby Alpaca Wool / 3% Spandex

SIZING: One size fits most.

The Twisted Baby Alpaca Headband is a thick, luxe, non-itchy, ultra soft, and incredibly warm piece, that is both high-quality and very comfortable. Baby alpaca is alpaca fiber made with hair from the very first sheer of an alpaca. Sheering an alpaca is an ethical and humane process, no animals are ever harmed for Pokoloko products. Alpacas are shorn once per year, and the hair from the first sheer of an alpaca is the softest it will ever be, and gets coarser with each following sheering. At any stage of life, alpacas have comparably one of the most soft fibers in the world. Peruvian baby alpaca is hypoallergenic, and alpaca fiber production is one of the most sustainable fiber production processes. Alpaca is a natural technical fiber, it has a breathable, unique thermal quality that allows air circulation to prevent sweating in warm weather, and in cold weather, contains heat for warmth. This is a luxurious and stylish addition to your own wardrobe, and a gift the gift-recipient will use and love forever.